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I've finally plucked up the courage to set-up an online blog. I'm going to endeavour to blog as often as possible to share my thoughts, to share some articles and news i find interesting, and also use it for my private reflections (you guys won't get to see that!). Also i hope people will read and comment on some of my posts.

The spur for deciding to set-up a blog has been my studies through the Open University. They encourage learning and reflection, and collaborating with others.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

One small step for.... nah its not that grand

Well hello all,

It’s just coming up to 14:00 here in sunny (no
really!) Bur Dubai (The district I’m in). I’m
currently sitting in the business center at my
apartment. They’ve got four PC’s downstairs that are
free to use and very slow when it comes to internet
connection, I’m sure I’ll find something closer to
broadband soon.

I arrived last night at 8, very prompt, then got
ferried through customs and passport without so much
as a blink. Then collected my bags and met my new
boss. Everything they say is true, the driving is
awful (yeah worse than mine, I couldn’t believe it
either!), the people are very friendly, and the
weather……….. well it was 37 degrees last night, just
bizarre, its pitch black and yet hotter that an
English midday, I can only really describe it as
living in a sauna. I was sweating within a minute,
which must have looked very strange to my new boss,
but I suppose he’s done this all before.

My apartment is very similar to a hotel, with a
reception, gym, swimming pool on the roof, restaurant
and room service. But the aim is to do most of my own
cooking and cleaning, as this is what I’ll have to do
once I get my own place. Watched the Footie last night
as well and fell asleep half way through.

Today, well I’ll ventured out on to my tiny balcony to
get a sense of how warm 47 degrees actually is. But am
yet to wander out into the big bad world. Planning on
heading to the Wafi Shopping center, and then maybe
once it gets cooler I’ll walk around the local area.
Which by the looks of it is heavily built up and not
exactly picture perfect.

Tomorrow the boss has invited me over to his house to
sit by the pool with his family, and then in the
afternoon, I’ll be heading off to the Indoor ski
thingy with him, to well…..ski I guess, alas  hadn’t
really planned for a ski trip in my luggage!

Then on Sunday its off to work for day 1.

Really difficult to describe how it feels…. You know
………that I’m actually going to be living here. So much
to do, no idea how to get about, or what I’m supposed
to do in what order………I’ll figure it out.

Well that’s my first email out of the way. Speak soon.

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