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I've finally plucked up the courage to set-up an online blog. I'm going to endeavour to blog as often as possible to share my thoughts, to share some articles and news i find interesting, and also use it for my private reflections (you guys won't get to see that!). Also i hope people will read and comment on some of my posts.

The spur for deciding to set-up a blog has been my studies through the Open University. They encourage learning and reflection, and collaborating with others.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Brand Firth?

During the two week consult training we finished this past Thursday, we did a small exercise on personal branding led by Steven Webb. A concept I am relatively familiar with, after having been introduced to by Colin Shaw (McKinsey Partner) at the GLP conference in April last year.
Four simple questions to ask yourself (I hope Steven doesn't mind me publishing this!)
    1. How would you like your customers to think of you?
    2. What are you about?
    3. What is your style?
    4. How can you publicly be the brand?
To start the sharing….. I want customers (anyone really, not just customers) to say: "he knows his stuff" "He thinks wider than just lean, and therefore is not a one trick pony" "He is calm, clear in communication and focused"
In terms of who I am or what I am about, I did a little session a few years back with a good friend, on my personal values. I've found this work particularly interesting, and came up with a series of values that I will blog about at a latter date. The values are: Problem solving, sense of achievement, egalite, broadening knowledge, thinking space, making a difference.
Linking finally to my style; fun, relaxed, ambitious, introverted vs clever, complexity, sarcastic, difficult.
How to live this brand? Couple of things I'll endeavour to do to make this real:
  • Change the onus from Lean skills to problem solving, facilitating, coaching, leading
  • Change my language to reflect problem solving, facilitating, coaching, leading
  • Look for opportunities to problem solve, facilitate, coach, lead
  • Step away from the detail and the action to get a better perspective on what is happening

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