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I've finally plucked up the courage to set-up an online blog. I'm going to endeavour to blog as often as possible to share my thoughts, to share some articles and news i find interesting, and also use it for my private reflections (you guys won't get to see that!). Also i hope people will read and comment on some of my posts.

The spur for deciding to set-up a blog has been my studies through the Open University. They encourage learning and reflection, and collaborating with others.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Don't dress to impress

I don't know why, but i always believed that Americanans were a very formal sort of people, and that the land that brought us the "power suit" and braces with suits (wall street 1, has a lot to answer for) continues to lead the world in work dress etiquette.

Not so my fellow Englishers. Most people wear polo shirts! I know, how despicably casual. No ties, no cufflinks, no suit jackets….. unbelievable!

So I couldn’t be more of a sore thumb if I tried, I only have shirts with cufflinks, and I have order to the things I carry in my suit jacket pockets…. I can deal with change, I can, but this is too much!

Quote of the week- uttered during a training session on time management (DILO to the RBS crew) “I’ve heard the rocks in the jar story before. My pastor uses it to explain the importance of faith in our lives”

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  1. I love your take in being an Englishman in the US.